Scott McArthur

International Keynote Speaker

Scott has worked in over 200 organisations around the World, delivering transformation and change programmes and keynote speeches within multiple sectors. Scott's 'maker's mark' is his set of stories, which go much much deeper into the human condition than traditional organisational experiences.

A former business consultant and Board director, Scott doesn't stop at the corporate stuff. He is also a published scientist, poet and writer and has won awards for consulting, training and speaking, as well as his contribution to Scottish music. One of his websites has even been identified as being of cultural importance to his native Scotland. His co-authored book on Glasgow's music scene has been made into a successful musical and inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

When speaking, Scott can mould a convincing narrative from all these disciplines, to inspire the audience and provide them with unique tools and techniques to take away and make a real difference to their lives.

Scott's keynotes are particularly concerned with how we manage what he calls the "inner work" of our relationships, organisations and cultures. He is passionate about studying the use of mindful practices at home and work, as well as the application of arts and academia in the organisational world. His delivery style is visually impactful, carefully evidenced-based and delivered with humour.




Popular speaking topics


  • Leading from the inside out - self-awareness as the differentiator hiding in plain sight watch video
  • Why facts don't change people - the science and art of influencing change watch video
  • Are you paying attention - new leadership, emerging markets and dealing with disruption watch video
  • Partnering for-profit - the role of relationships and vulnerability in business strategy
  • Natural stupidity and artificial intelligence - AI as an impending disaster or a route to human happiness
  • HR as the corporate apothecary - performance-enhancing drugs in the workplace


I've had the privilege of being asked to speak for clients such as PWC, London Olympics, West Yorkshire Police, NFU Mutual, NHS London, KPMG, National Probation Service, Sopra Group, Scottish & Newcastle, Virgin, DWP. Other clients and events include:





Helen Murdoch

CEO, Hannover Scotland

"Scott gave off so much energy during his keynote that if harnessed could have lit up the city"

Paula Sussex

CEO, Charity Commission

"Scott is a brilliant, creative and fearless speaker. He will challenge your assumptions and make you and your team think"

Elain Stewart

Head of travel, transport and hospitality (Europe), Mindtree

"Scott is the conference organisers dream. He is inspiring, authentic and selfless and his presence and support, help everyone on the stage and in the audience be the best they can be"

Ursula Morgenstern

CEO, Atos Germany

"Scott brings a huge amount of creativity & passion. He provides deep expert insight into employee engagement & communication. He is not afraid to challenge his senior clients to achieve superior results"

Jon Roughly

Strategy Director, The Phoenix Group

"Scott always delivers what he says he will but more than that, through every engagement he has looked to add additional value to our business and its people. His speaking style is engaging and thought-provoking - a pleasure to work with"

Duncan Kemp

Lead Systems Engineer, Department for Transport

"Scott is an exceptional keynote speaker and consultant who has helped me resolve complex cultural issues. He is able to apply his considerable business, HR and interpersonal knowledge to propose and implement simple and pragmatic solutions. Always positive, I have found Scott to be both a valued team member and an inspirational leader"

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